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Product Overview

DisputeValet Agency Edition Version 3.3DisputeValet Enterprise Edition

Professional Multiuser Credit Repair Software is the industry leading provider of professional credit repair and credit dispute processing software and is now the first software provider to bring you a truly enterprise class, scalable, multi-agent credit repair software solution.

DisputeValet Agency Edition Credit Repair Software

Like other software editions, DisputeValet Enterprise Edition provides advanced credit repair and credit dispute processing.

DisputeValet Enterprise Edition is specifcally developed to meet the needs of growing professional credit repair providers who require muti-agent and internet enabled access to thier system. DisputeValet Enterprise Edition is easy to use, and will enable credit repair service Providers, Home Based Businesses, Non-Profit and Credit Counseling Organizations, Lending and Real Estate Professionals to offer advanced credit repair at a fraction of the cost. With our software low prices doesnt mean inferor quality. We go head on with our competitors and have become the market leading provider simply by providing the best software. No gimmicks, no monthly charges, professional software or your money back!


Use DisputeValet Enterprise Edition Software To..

  • Connect and Share Credit Repair Data With Local or Remote Internet Users Using Your Own Website and Our Enterprise Server Software
  • Auto-Generate Dispute Letters for Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian Credit Reports
  • Auto-Generate Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Complaint Letters
  • Create or Import Your Own Custom Credit Repair Dispute letters
  • Import client credit reports, contracts, and documents by simply draging and droping the documents into our document manager importer
  • Keep Track Of and Schedule Your Client's Credit Repair Dispute Activity And Critical Response Dates
  • Produce Single and Multi Item Dispute Letters
  • Handle Credit Bureau Name, Address, and Identity Disputes
  • Provide Identity Theft Dispute Services
  • Handle Credit Card Disputes
  • Handle Store Card Disputes
  • Handle Collection Agency and Creditor Harassment Disputes
  • Handle Creditor Verification Disputes
  • Handle Debt Verification Disputes
  • Handle Inquiry Disputes
  • Handle Unauthorized Credit Inquiry Disputes
  • Create and Store PDF Documents Right Within Our Software, No Need to buy PDF Creation Software
Grow Your Credit Repair Business

Need Support For Multiple Agents Working Within Your Office Or From Remote Locations?

DisputeValet Enterprise Edition provides even more credit repair and credit dispute service features than what is offered by the major online service providers.

DisputeValet will help you to automate all of your clients credit repair and credit disputes processing fast and effectively. DisputeValet requires no monthly fees or hidden costs. DisputeValet Enterprise Edition will enable you to find, dispute, correct complex errors, locate fraudulent claims, and identify unverifiable data reported on your clients credit reports.

DisputeValet will help you scale your business. Now you can connect more agents, manage more clients, and bring in even more revenue.

DisputeValet gives you the ability to handle more than 15,000+ clients all with unlimited disputes and unlimited follow-up actions. DisputeValet Enterprise Edition scales and will grow to meet the demands of your business.

  • Multi-Agent Multiuser Local and Remote Access Right From Your Own Website Using The New DisputeValet Enterprise Server
  • 15,000+ Clients
  • Unlimited Registered Creditors
  • Unlimited Registered Creditor Finance Accounts
  • Unlimited Reported or Delinquent Accounts
  • Unlimited Reported Inquiries
  • Unlimited Scheduled or Outstanding Credit Disputes
  • Unlimited Dispute Diary Entries
  • Unlimited Credit Bureau Disputes
  • Unlimited Credit Disputes
  • Unlimited Creditor Disputes
  • Unlimited Inquiry Disputes
  • Unlimited Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Complaints

DisputeValet will help you automate your credit repair business fast and effectively.

30 Day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

No-Risk Money Back GuaranteeWe are so confident that you will be satisfied with our DisputeValet Enterprise Edition Software that we back our software with a 100% no-risk money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our software, contact us within 30 days of purchase to obtain a full 100% refund.

How to Order DisputeValet Agency Edition

Credit Repair Software Download

For just $379.00, you can start or expand your own Multi-Agent MultiUser Credit Repair Business using our new Enterprise Edition Software.

  • No Monthly Fees Or Hidden Costs
  • Free proven template letter library containing advanced credit repair dispute letters
  • Free online training and access to our DisputeValet How-To Video Library
  • Free software updates and comprehensive technical support